About Us

We at QUAY were set to register and launch our business in April 2020 in the United Kingdom. Merging our love for the outdoors and experience shared between our team in many different activities we wanted to set something up which connected us with all these different sports and also put back in to the communities we are associated in. We know that before COVID struck that many different charities which help get people from all walks of life in to sport were struggling securing funds from businesses, local authorities and lottery funding. We wanted to set up a business that supports these charities to ensure that people are set up with the skills and accessibility needed to train safely and continue their sports. 

Unfortunately come March 2020 we were forced to hold our plans as lockdown hit many of our suppliers and events that we wanted to go to were shut down with an opening date unknown. We were gutted! However, every cloud has a silver lining! When Lockdown finished we had a stronger desire to get the business off the ground to be able to support people get in to sports which give such enjoyment to so many as well as boost mental health and mental productivity whilst keeping people fit and healthy. As we had missed the peak season for events, we diversified again in to many different categories and were adamant that we were going to only stock the best products we could source. This is when we wanted to help bring the outdoors inside and worked with a highly reputable hand pouring candle maker to bring the Home Fragrance range you see on our site. 

Longer term, we are going to keep growing our range and ensuring that each of our sport categories are well represented by us. We will also be committing a % of profits to go to varying local and national schemes helping people who wouldn't normally be able to access sport, to get involved! This is our driver, we want to deliver and we want you to be part of the community that does this so we look forward to meeting you at a beach, trail, cafe or campsite in the near future, meanwhile, keep representing!